Drawing has really helped me to soothe and settle myself when the pain of depression or anxiety has become unmanageable. You don’t need to be a great artist to use this form of therapy, you just need to find a comfortable place and start making shapes and see they evolve into.

I started drawing in May 2016 during my hospital admission as a way to help fill the time between group therapy classes – I kept sketching after I returned home and quickly filled several books within a month or so.

The following images are a few of the sketches that are in my most recent image journal, my “Yellow Book”. I hope you get some inspiration and hope from these images – I would really encourage you to try this form of art therapy for yourself.

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Feel free to Pin, or otherwise share any of these images, and if you have any questions on what I use, what inspires me, how I got started, or any other questions or words of wisdom, I would love to hear from you!