I am having a blue day today. They still come around from time to time even though for the most part I feel so much better emotionally and mentally now. You know the type, these are the days when everything feels too hard (even breathing), and everything seems to make you feel on the edge of tears.

Nightmares, pain, nightsweats, pain, stress, pain, heart issues, pain, more hospital visits booked in, pain, waiting to see a neurologist, pain, broken tooth, more pain, and other life stuff – I’m just generally feeling a bit overwhelmed on occasion. Mostly I’m able to put it to the side and keep going, after all, worrying and being miserable about it doesn’t solve the issues anyway – but today I woke up feeling sad and haven’t been able to shake it off yet.

There are other people who have so many more problems than I do, but today I just want to wallow a little – allow myself to feel miserable and accept that it is not an emotion I need to be guilty about.

So here I am, I’m throwing a pity party for one! Woe to me!

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  1. Invisibly Me says:

    There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, I think sometimes it good to recognise you feel so crap, and have a ‘pity party’ if that’s what you want to call it, rather than keep pretending things are okay and gradually feeling worse, more resentful, as a result. I know I can’t say anything to make you feel better, but know that you’re not alone (it’s my birthday today and I’m feeling my own kind of pity party too…) Sending a hug your way.
    Caz x


  2. I am feeling the same way. My pain is emotional. I wish I could sleep all day. I would dream such happy dreams. My parents would still be alive. All of my children would love me- I would not have 3 out of 4 children who want nothing to do with me. My husband would stay the same- he really loves me but we would not fight. In my dream I would be emotionally stable and calm, easygoing never feel depressed or hate myself. Unfortunately I have to wake up and face a cold harsh reality. Ouch. I hurt.



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